Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk #6

With a year and change delays on the comic, the relaunch of the title has been extraordinarily prompt each month. What sold this issue for me was the dialogue. The story, as with previous issues, shifts from different time frames. The art as usually was gorgeous.

Highlights (Spoilers)
  • Logan meets Betty in Hong Kong. She "Hulks Out" and gouges his eye out. He takes her down.
  • On a plane, Logan finds Bruce. He pops a collar on Banner stating that if he transforms, the collar will choke him to death.
  • Logan says he doesn't want to kill Bruce, he wants to kill the Hulk.
  • Bruce jumps out and Logan goes after him. Logan removes the collar saving them both.
  • Nick Fury shows up and says that the whole point of Logan going after Bruce is so that SHIELD can go after Betty without Bruce finding out.
The banter between Logan and Bruce on last page was absolutely hilarious. Check it out.

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