Sunday, May 10, 2009


I was reading this old comic called H.E.R.O. which was a reboot of the original Dial H for Hero series. It was about ordinary people getting superpowers through a magical device. The stories centered around what they would do if they had super powers. Some became heroes, some became villains. It led me to think: What would I do if I had super powers?

1) Personal gain (at least enough to pay for school).
2) Here and there I'd save people if the situation presented itself.
3) Show off for women.
4) Punch Haley Joel Osment in the face.

What would you do?


Meghana said...

forget the first three, i'd just slap the creepy off of Dakota Fanning's face

Wolf said...

1. Become related to cedric
2. Assemble a League of Superheroes the likes of which the world has never seen before.
3. Betray that League of Heroes with an army of Arachna Bears I had been cloning led by Theodore Roosevelt.
4. Begin a blog called "The Phamtom Zone" and right about daily events and upcoming comic plots. Yeah. Best fourth power ever.