Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Flash: Rebirth #2

Barry Allen has returned to find that his world has changed. He is confused as to why he was brought back to life and does not waste a moment making up for lost time. With his mind solely on his work as the Scarlett Speedster, Barry investigates his first case back on the job. The death of speed zealot Savitar. The investigation lead Barry looking towards his past as he recalls the first time he gained his powers. Issue #2 begins to pick up the pace of the miniseries as the story begins to unfold and the action begins.

Geoff Johns is taking his time developing Barry towards the new generation of readers. Each issue contains a "flashback", get it?, of Barry before he became a superhero. Although I am a bit apprehensive as to where this story is going, Johns has yet to let me down. His recent work in Legion of 3 Worlds has proven this.


Marss said...

Nice blog, i found it a great info, i love The Flash, I'll stay tuned at the news about it.

Pete said...

yeah man anytime. i'm hardcore flash fan so i'll keep updating.

wolf said...

Im catching up on Secret Invasion and Nick Furys secret war atm but its definetly on my to read list