Sunday, May 17, 2009

Smallville Season 8 Finale

The fans are divided with this episode. The months leading to Doomsday, fans have been expecting a all out brawl between Clark and the monster Doomsday. Here's what we got:

  • An opening teaser that leads up to believe Clark is finally flying when it's really Cosmic Boy paying Clark a visit.
  • A lot of tension between Clark and Oliver.
  • Guest appearances by Impulse and Black Canary.
  • Davis and Doomsday split into two separate beings.
  • A fight where Clark takes a few punches from Doomsday and "jumps" him off to defeat him off screen. The Lois and Tess fight earlier on in the episode was much better. Sadly.
  • Jimmy discovers Clark's secret.
  • Davis kills Jimmy/Jimmy kills Davis.
  • Clark loses his faith in humanity (again) and leaves.
  • We find out that Jimmy's real name was Henry James Olsen and that his little brother is the Jimmy from the comics.
  • Lois is sent to the future by accident.
  • Zod returns.
Overall the episode was entertaining. A lot of things disappointed me. I'm gonna have to say that I liked this episode, but only because it was substantially better than the finale they gave us last year. The twist with Jimmy not being Jimmy and clearing up some of the mythos was really what made the episode for me. It's sad to see Aaron Ashmore go, but I guess it was because they took his character as far as he could go.

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