Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rant of the Week

Man, such a shitty weekend at work. The loading truck parked right next to the drive thru box. So everyone's orders were drowned out by an insanely loud engine. This meant it was a shouting match between me and the customers, resulting in orders getting messed up and me getting yelled at by my boss for eight hours. I'd quit the second I could if I didn't need the money. Turns out as much as I think my boss hates me (and he really does) there's still at least three other people ahead of me he'd fire first.

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Wolf said...

I feel you man. My boss treats me like im an expendable object who isnt doing its job. She expects me to be a 6 armed indian deity with Mr. Fantastic's stretch arms. She reminds me almost every other day she could fire me at a moments notice and says I have a dollar leyway for my till but reprimands me when im 43 cents under. My coworker and I are contemplating walking out on the morning shift if she pushes us far enough. If i didnt need the money id leave in a heartbeat.