Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hulk #24

Red Hulk, who had been previously revealed as General Thunderbolt Ross, has taken hold of the White House. In the wake of the Fall of the Hulks and the World War Hulks storyline, Bruce Banner once again becomes the Hulk in order to stop the Intelligencia. By doing so, he had to reabsorb all the radiation they acclimated in order to turn the nation's soldiers and superheroes into Hulks. Hulk confronts Red Hulk at the Oval Office and they go at it, pretty much the entire issue. Finally, Hulk defeats Red Hulk. In the aftermath of the events, Hulk meets with the head of National Security: Steve Rogers. Rogers is putting something together, and Hulk suggests he enlist a now imprisoned Red Hulk. 

This is honestly all I really wanted ever since they introduced the Red Hulk. An all out thrown down between him and Banner. No Thor, no A-Bomb, no Iron Man, not even the Watcher. Just Green versus Red. Don't get me wrong, the Fall of the Hulks and World War Hulks story arcs were pretty entertaining, but I think they dragged it on a bit too long. Usually when that happens, the final chapter tends to be disappointing (Blackest Night). This was, for lack of a better word, INCREDIBLE. We got Jeph Loeb crafting his trademark internal monologues from the opposing characters. And we got Ed McGuinnes, who was born to draw ridiculously beefy superheroes. Great read and definitely recommended. 5/5

Next Month: Iron Man versus Red Hulk!

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