Friday, April 22, 2011

Invincible #79

Mark Grayson has saved the world. He ended the Viltrumite War. Ten months later, Mark has returned home. Issue #79 follows Mark as he catches up with all the things he's missed in the time he was gone. His mother has ended her relationship with her boyfriend and is almost ready to give Mark's father another chance. Mark's business is booming. He's even gotten a new costume made. But something is different with his girlfriend Eve. In ten months, she's lost her superheroine figure. Eve seems distant and depressed. Upon going to dinner with The Immortal and Duplicate, Mark finds that the couple has had twins in the time he was gone. This dinner party upsets Eve greatly to Mark's surprise. Mark then finds out, and this is a HUGE SPOILER, Eve was pregnant and had an abortion.

This issue takes a slower pace than the last few. Mark retouches with all of his supporting characters in the aftermath of the war. The huge revelation at the end is something that completely surprised me. This was definitely something I didn't see coming in a mainstream comic book. Next issue: Dinosaurus! 4/5

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Anonymous said...

I just finished reading that last night along with issue 80. My 77 didn't dl so I didn't get to see the resolution to the war. I gotta read it when I get home!