Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Exclusive Interview with Philip Tan!

The Phamtom Zone has landed an exclusive interview with comic book artist Philip Tan. Tan is known for his work on Spawn and recently some cover work for DC Comics.

PZ: You have a very impressive resume in comics. What was your most memorable experience in the industry?

PT: There are quite a few, but one of them got to be meeting Stan Winston and visiting the creature effects production house, when I was drawing his book for him. Getting lessons from Todd McFarlane is another!

PZ: Fans may recognize your work on Spawn for so many years and more recently your work in DC Comics. Do you draw your inspiration from any particular styles?

I love the majority form of comic mediums, Asian to American to European.. they all influence me a lot.

PZ: Do you any major projects coming up that you are allowed to talk about?

PT: For DC? Not really, sorry. Although I am working away slowly on my own book. Hopefully to be published someday

PZ: Lastly, if you were to host a meal with three fictional characters, who would they be and what would you serve?

PT: Kinda tough, never thought about it. Probably give Jiraya nude sushi?

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