Monday, April 04, 2011

Cartoons That Should be Made Into Movies!

I stumbled upon this live action Doug trailer a while back and it got me thinking. If someone could take the concept of Doug and make it into a movie, what other familiar children’s cartoons could be re-imagined into something a grown-up audience would watch?

Where’s Waldo?

Think of it as a cat and mouse thriller that spans across the globe. Waldo, a scientist wanted by the government, must evade not only his government but also the a secret society of men bent on utilizing his intellect for evil. They will stop at nothing to find him. The one person Waldo can trust is himself. Think Jason Bourne in a red and white striped sweater.


I’ve seen the original and it was incredibly good. There’s no way to top that, so let’s take the story in a different direction. A young boy is murdered a century ago. In the present, we have your typical teenager who just moved into town. He tries to make new friends, but something in the house he moved into won’t leave him alone. With the ghost of a young boy haunting him, the young man must solve a century old murder before times runs out.

The Magic School Bus

A group of kids go on a boring field trip and stray from the tour. They come across a gypsy. She offers them a field trip they will never forget if they all board her "Magic Bus." The children travel to many different worlds, realities, and time-lines that are both fantastical and horrifying. They soon realize that “Madame Frizzle” isn’t the lovable enchantress she made herself out to be, but rather a millennia old demon hungry to steal their souls.


Archie is your typical high school jock that can’t settle on a girl. On one hand, he has Betty who is cute, kind, smart, and in love with Archie since they were kids. On the other, there’s Veronica, who’s rich, exotic, beautiful, and has the power to wrap Archie around her pinky. Along with his best friend, Jughead (who has a bottomless stomach) and his arch nemesis, Reggie (so vain he keeps a mirror on him at all times.) Archie goes through the trails and tribulations of the world called high school. This is a coming of age story.

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Meghana said...

that reminds me! Hulu has all the episodes of The Archie Show up []. Not quite live action, but still 1960's cartoon awesomeness.