Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Exclusive Interview with How It Should Have Ended!

The Phamtom Zone has landed an exclusive interview with Tina Alexander from the online cartoon sensation: How It Should Have Ended! HISHE features cartoon shorts that poke fun of the illogical endings of some movies and adds a more realistic, and hilarious, solution to the plot.

Phamtom Zone: About how long does it take to create an episode of HISHE. How many people contribute to the production of a single episode?

HISHE: Right now we are on a three week production cycle. Week one is artwork and script writing. Week two is finalizing artwork and completing animation. We also do all our voice recording during Week two. Week three is music and sound effects. It is a lot of work!!

Daniel and I work together daily on all aspects of the cartoons, but we also have a composer [Bryan English] and Tommy Watson is a huge help on the business side of things and a great resource when we are stumped creatively. HISHE is also made up of a team of great friends that help us with ideas and voices when we need it. Stephanie Fisher being our constant, and awesome, female lead. So there's about eight of us total. We couldn't do it without the help of our friends.

Phamtom Zone: Do you guys plan on doing anything else with HISHE other than the shorts? Maybe a feature length movie?

HISHE: Not anytime soon, although we get lots of requests to do this with our Terminator/Back to the Future mash up. It might be fun someday, who knows?!

Phamtom Zone: What was your favorite HISHE?

HISHE: That's a really tough question. From the original collection, I really love How Lord of the Rings Should Have Ended and it's probably the one that we hear the most about from fans when we attend conventions. I also love our Terminator short, it still gives me goosebumps. More recently I have to say I'm really proud of our TRON rap video. That was a HUGE undertaking and I'm really happy we attempted something different and outside our box.

Phamtom Zone: What movies can the fans look forward to in the future that HISHE will spoof?

HISHE: Well, we're working on Toy Story 3 right now. And Harry Potter fans can relax because we promise we'll spoof that this summer when the series ends.

Our Scream HISHE is already up on our website, but will debut on Youtube this Thursday if you want to embed it on your blog. Thanks for your interest in us, we really appreciate bloggers spreading the word!

Phamtom Zone: Thank you for the interview!

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