Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Green Lantern #65

Krona, has seized control of the entire Green Lantern Corps. The only Lanterns free from his control are the four Earth Lanterns. Hal, Guy, Kyle, and John are all powerless and must maneuver their way through Oa to stop Krona and save Ganthet. Because their Green rings allow Krono to infect them, the Lanterns decide to use the rings from the other Corps in order to give themselves a fighting chance against Krona. Hal, who was familiar with using a Yellow Ring, chooses to join the Sinestro Corps. Guy chooses a Red Ring. Kyle, who is filled with Hope, chooses Blue. And John chooses to join the Indigo Tribe.

Geoff Johns delivers another exciting turn in the chapter of the Green Lanterns. The entire arc has been solid and ties in to all previous installments of Green Lantern. Doug Manke's art is once again as breathtaking as ever. 5/5

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Green lantern superman and batman in the new 52 I need to read from the beginning