Thursday, April 28, 2011

Exclusive Interview with Amélie Fléchais!

The Phamtom Zone has landed an exclusive interview with artist Amélie Fléchais! A French artist, Amélie's work was mentioned in an earlier blog post about her piece for the 25th anniversary Edward Scissorhands Exhibit at Nucleus. Even though English is not her first language, Amélie was kind enough to let us interview her briefly.

PZ: What kind of art do you specialize in?

AF: I'm specialized in illustrations and comic books, I spend most of the time doing traditional techniques (ink, water color, pencil), but also digital technique.

PZ: Where did you learn?

AF: I have studied in two different schools, during one year in the artistic school "EESI" I specialized in comic books. During 3 years at the artistic school "ESAAT" I specialized in animation. But I especially have learned a lot thanks to people I met in these schools and my friend.

PZ: Do you have any big projects you are working on?

AF: I have lot of big projects, I am preparing a comic book ("chemin perdu" ) for ANKAMA, which will be published at end of 2012, after that I will work on illustration book for the collection "Metamorphose" (Le petit loup rouge") and after that I have two secret projects: also with Ankama and Metamorphose. I would also like to work on my student short movie "Mu" and prepare an exhibit. I want to try to carve wood, and make a short live movie, but I don't know when I could have the time to do that.

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