Thursday, April 16, 2009

Return to Wonderland

I recently began reading the Return to Wonderland series by Grimm Fairy Tales and I must say it's a pretty refreshing take on the classic Lewis Carrol tale. And by refreshing, I mean really dark, macabre, and violent.

The story follows Carol Ann Liddle (nicknamed Calie, an anagram of Alice). Calie is the daughter of the Alice in the stories. The first series takes place decades after the original tale. Alice is now married with children. She is, however, mentally disturbed and almost always a vegetable. Through parallel events as her mother, Calie is sent to Wonderland. This Wonderland is not the one that her mother visited all those years ago however, it's gory, dark, and extremely evil.

The Wonderland stories has been broken into three series over the last few years. It began with Return to Wonderland, then Tales from Wonderland, and finally Beyond Wonderland. The series focuses on Calie's adventure through Wonderland as well as the history of the Liddle family. As the series progresses, the reader discovers backstories to the inhabitants of this magical realm (The Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter) and how the existence of such a place affects our reality.


thefirstfarfegnuton said...

Wow that actually sounds a lot more interesting then the original Alice in Wonderland childrens edition.

meowmix said...

Where would I go about getting this. It sound good.