Thursday, April 30, 2009

FC: Legion of 3 Worlds #4

Ok, before you read any further, this post is just going to be a spoil for fans who haven't picked up Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #4.

The last issue ended with the long awaited return of Bart Allen. Fans of Allen will remember the terrible short lived series in which he became the Flash. Writer Geoff Johns completely turns it around in this issue.

As a fan of the old series Young Justice, I've always enjoyed Bart/Impulse as a character of comic relief. When he moved on to the Teen Titans and became Kid Flash, he was still a bit of a character, but didn't quite have the magic he did in the old books. Then when the Infinite Crisis came, and Bart became the Flash, he grew up and became emotional, serious, and honestly just very depressing.

In issue #4, Johns finally recaptures the magic of Bart Allen that I, as an avid Flash reader, haven't seen since the days of Young Justice. Bravo Mr. Johns, you've succeeded in making me geek out.

The bigger spoiler in this issue, fans might want to turn away now, is the return of Conner Kent. The events of Infinite Crisis had also taken the modern age Superboy from the fans. Instead of aging him and taking away his personality as writer's did with Bart Allen, they simply just killed off Conner Kent. This issue brings him back to his full glory. At this point I had my second geek out in the same 10 minutes. Well played Johns. Well played.

Albiet the wait for this issue was months behind, I assure you guys, it was well worth it. Next issue should be out in a month or so. Hopefully.

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