Sunday, April 05, 2009

Green Arrow: Year One

Andy Diggle and artist Jock team up to bring you this 6-issue miniseries that defines the origin of the Emerald Archer, Green Arrow. Oliver Queen is a spoiled, selfish, and carefree playboy who is living it up off his parents vast fortune. But when fate leaves him stranded on an island, he is forced to rely on nothing more than his cunning and a makeshift bow. Queen's will to survive keeps him alive on the island for months as he begins to grow into a better man. Eventually he finds out that he isn't alone on the island and is in the middle of one of the largest drug cartels he's ever seen. No longer the spoiled socialite he once was, Queen takes a stand against the criminals.

The story takes its core from the early origins of the Green Arrow, but adds a modern twist to it. Oliver is given a larger backstory and insight into his fears and insecurities. Through the six issues, the reader can see how the character slowly progresses into the hero that he is in modern comics. Jock's art really captures the grittyness of being stuck on an island. With humor, drama, and great art, Green Arrow: Year One was an awesome read.

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