Friday, April 24, 2009

Rant of the Week

Hey guys. I don't want to sound like a dick, but when you go to the McDonalds on Grand and Valley and you ask for Ranch, be prepared to be charged extra. I get numerous customers asking for Ranch for their Chicken McNuggets and when I tell them I have to charge them a bit extra, I get glares and drama. I'm really sorry. I used to just hand them out, but I've gotten in trouble for it now. Ranch is only free with Chicken Selects. Chalk it up to the economy, but the people taking your orders aren't being jerks when they have to charge you for Ranch cups, they just don't want to get in trouble. Please be a little more sympathetic. If it was up to me, you guys can have all the Ranch you want. Also, next time you go to the drive-thru, and you hand the guy your money and he asks you how you are doing or to have a nice day. Please at least acknowledge that he's there. Don't just glare at him and drive off without a word. It's kinda mean. The sad thing is that in an eight hour shift, at least half of customers do that. A nice word here and there will totally make the drive thru guy's day.



Becca said...

Hey Pete! Yeah feel free to use the toy pic if you'd like! Glad you dig it :)

Wolf said...

I know your pain buddy. People wanted ranch and every other side free when I worked at amecis.

Also nice picture Becca.

Anonymous said...

They hate you because they hate themselves. Why else would they be eating at McDonald's?