Sunday, April 19, 2009


12-year-old Jodie Christianson was in an accident. He was standing directly under a bridge when I truck lost control and flew off. By all rights, he should have died that morning, but he walked away unscratched. As mysterious and miraculous events start unfolding around his life, Jodie is beginning to believe that he is Christ returned.

Mark Millar creates intriguing story about faith, hope, and family. Albeit controversial, Chosen poses the question: What would you do if you were Jesus Christ? As Jodie struggles to find his place in the world, he finds that being the reincarnation of Jesus isn't as great as he would imagine. As with most of my comic book reviews on here, there is a HUGE spoiler at the end of the series. This time I won't post it up since it's pretty big, but if you must know, either read the story or just email me for the ending.

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