Monday, July 30, 2012

Under Rated Movie: Meteor Man

Does anyone remember a time where a comic book movie didn't come out every other month? Back when comic book fans took what they could get in a superhero flick? 

Back in 1993, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer gave us Meteor Man. Starring Robert Townsend, the film focused on shy educator Jefferson Reed. Reed lives in a neighborhood that is under the thumb of a local gang: The Golden Lords. After a rough encounter with them, Reed is struck by a meteor and gains superpowers. He then uses those powers to become Meteor Man, defending his neighborhood and standing up for it's residents. 

Now as much crap as the movie got back when it came out, it still holds the spot for one of my favorite superhero movies ever. The Meteor Man pretty much has everything you could ask for: action, comedy, family, heart, and James Earl Jones in a high-top-fade! 

Now, if you do manage to find yourself a copy, I'm not promising The Dark Knight, or even Spider-Man 2, but I am going to promise that you'll get a laugh or two with this light-hearted superhero comedy. 

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