Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Review - Spider-Men #3

A pretty fun issue, packed with tons of action and breathtaking art. Peter and Miles take on Mysterio who conjures up Spider-Man's entire rouges gallery. The fight scenes are pretty cool, but it's issue #3 of #5 already and Peter hasn't taught Miles jack shit.

When they first announced the series I was excited for Peter to interact with Miles and teach him a thing or two about being Spider-Man. Now we're three issues into it and all we've gotten are fight scenes and a few handfuls of irrelevant dialogue.


So far, all Peter has pieced together is that he's in another world where their Peter Parker is dead and outed as Spider-Man. I'm really worried about the pacing of this series because he should have realized this at the end of issue one or early issue two. 

I also feel they've dumbed down the 616 Peter for the series. He's supposed to be the experienced superhero, but Miles (13-years-old and just starting his Spidey career) gets the upper hand on him twice. Pretty lame. 

The issue concludes with Peter showing up and revealing himself to Aunt May and Gwen Stacy. Hopefully we'll get some answers next issue but until then, I have a pretty bad feeling the last two books will be rushed in terms of story.


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