Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trailer - The Dark Knight Returns Pt. 1

Hot off the release of The Dark Knight Rises, DC Universe Original Animated Movies have officially released the trailer for the next installment of their animated film franchise, The Dark Knight Returns. Adapted from Frank Miller's legendary graphic novel, the story focuses on an elderly Bruce Wayne returning to a life of crime-fighting as the Batman. The movie is to be split in two parts, with the first releasing on DVD and Bluray on September 25.

With the commercial success of The Dark Knight Rises, fans are probably eager to get their next Batman fix. Peter Weller, better known for his role as RoboCop, will provide the voice of Batman. DC animated movies have been pretty hit-or-miss, but they have more or less hit a consistency of good storytelling when it comes to Batman.

Very excited for this!

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