Monday, July 30, 2012

Smallville Season 11

As all of you know, Smallville ended it's tenth and final season with Clark taking to the skies as Superman. Earlier this year, it was announced that an eleventh season would be picked up. In comic book form.

As a fan of Smallville since the very first episode (I was in eighth grade), the thought of furthering the adventures of the characters I grew up with sounded amazing. I didn't have to say goodbye just yet. Thankfully, Smallville Season 11 still has most of the heart of the TV show. The pacing is a bit faster since each chapter is only a handful of pages, but the story and medium allows for much more action than the television show. It's great to see Superman in costume flying around in action.

The art is pretty spot-on when it comes to making the characters look like the actors that once portrayed them, also giving them the freedom to do things in the book that the budget on the show once would not allow. As far as the writing goes, it's pretty hit-or-miss depending on the chapter.

But then again, that's Smallville.

The best part is, there's no summer break in between as this is a comic book. Definitely worth checking out.

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