Wednesday, May 12, 2010

War of the Supermen #2

Part 2 of the 100 Minute War, it has been twenty-seven minutes since New Krypton was destroyed by General Lane and his soldier Reactron. Supergirl, the only survivor who was on the planet at the time is devasted. Meanwhile, Lois breaks the news to the Daily Planet of New Krypton's destruction. Before they can go to print, however, Superwoman (Lucy Lane) arrives and kidnaps her sister. Superman and Supergirl deal with the aftermath of their planet's destruction while Zod and the remaining Kryptonian soldiers attack an Earth base on Mars. Superman and Supergirl arrive to intervene. On Earth, Luthor, who is working for General Lane, is successful in creating a Red Sun. All the Krytponians lose their powers.

I like the build up for this series so far, and I know it's the culmulation of the last few years of storylines, but it seems a bit rushed for something that is only four issues long. With the points of view of Superman, Lois, General Lane, Zod, and Superboy's team, each issue doesn't leave much for story. Hopefully it balances out next week! 3/5!

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