Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Walking Dead #72

Rick and the others have finally accepted that they have found a safe haven for themselves. The people are welcoming and the supplies are bountiful. Some of our heroes, like Abraham, has finally accepted his life there with enthusiasm. But Rick is still uneasy. That's what years of being constantly hunted does to a person. Rick isn't wrong though. There is something not quite right with Douglas, the leader of The Community. So the plan for our heroes is simple. Without the residents of the Community finding out, Rick and the others plan to steal back their weapons. They plan to take over The Community if the worst were to happen.

This is why I love The Walking Dead. Even without zombies for two issues, it still gets you hooked. You learn to love the characters and what they stand for. Rick is first, and foremost, the leader of the group. Even if they are safe, they're never really safe in his eyes. That's the kind of thinking you would want in a Zombie Apocalypse. There was a brief moment with Michonne where we get a quick glimpse of her life before the outbreak, and it seems like she was a completely different person. I'd like to see more of that. It was also nice to see Glenn running around scouting things out again. It's nice to see family life hasn't softened him. 4/5 Next week: ZOMBIES!

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