Monday, May 24, 2010

Neverland #2

Last issue, Wendy Darling witnessed the abduction of her two nephews: Michael and John. The authorities believe that her story about a flying man and a faerie taking the two boys is absolutely crazy. However, psychiatrist Dr. Harlow seems to believe Wendy. Years earlier he had treated a young boy named Nathan. As a child, Nathan and his brother was abducted as well, but Nathan managed to make it home after five days. Though he lost a hand through the ordeal. Twenty years later, Nathan is still traumatized by the experience. He refuses to provided any assistance to Dr. Harlow and Wendy that might help her find her nephews. When Wendy pleads once more, however, Nathan finally changes his mind and agrees to hypnotherapy to help him remember. Something happen in the process, and the three are transported to Neverland. 

Neverland is a retelling of the classic Peter Pan story with a Grimm Fairy Tales twist. Like the Wonderland books, this is told as a series. I have to say, this issue was miles better than the last two (the series began with issue #0). Though I guess they were just establishing the characters, it was really slow. This issue made everything come together really nicely. The characters are now all introduced, and set on their journey to find Michael and John. Neverland sticks to all the themes of the J.M Barrie book while keeping things fresh for the reader. You've never seen this kind of Peter Pan. 4.5/5 

Next week: Tiger Lily!


The Never Fairy said...

Interesting. :)
Thanks for the tip/review.
Here's another Pan story (not a comic, though) to read... it's a continuation, the only one that's faithful to Barrie. Click!


Pete said...

Thanks, stranger!