Friday, May 14, 2010

Smallville Finale: Salvation

I normally don't review episodes of Smallville (maybe I'll start next season), but this is by far one of the best episodes I've ever seen! 

Zod and his superpowered army have layed waste to the planet and Clark is faced with a dilemma. He can use the Book of Rao to send all the Kryptonians to another planet, but it will send him away as well. Meanwhile, Lois has secretly been helping Zod as she believes him to be the Blur. This causes a rift in her relationship with Clark. The episode comes to a climax with many different reasons why season ten should be ridiculous! Clark and Zod duke it out in an epic rooftop battle. Lois figures out Clark's secret. Oliver is attacked by unknown superpowered assailants. Tess presumably dies. Then there's the cliffhanger with Clark that made me want to punch a wall! Four more months...Shit! 

This episode had major character development for Clark and Tom Welling played it perfectly. He has become Superman in my eyes. I pray nothing happens to that man over the summer just so I get my season 10 premiere.

The Zod climax felt a bit rushed as they literally left it for the final three minutes of the episode, but then again, that's what cliffhangers are for. They did an amazing job with what time they had. 

Clark and Lois' relationship went through hoops this episode and it was great. It's nice seeing Erica Durance play vulnerable as she rarely does given her character. Her scene in the loft with Clark was heartbreaking. Then she flips it around at the end of the episode with her brave investigative journalist side figuring out Zod's lie and standing up to him. Amazing performance. 

The Oliver and Chloe scenes were cute and fun. It's nice to see that they're taking these two slow.

Cassidy Freeman is possibly one of my favorite additions to the series. It's her eyes. But in all seriousness, she is an amazing character. Neither hero, nor villain, Tess Mercer is an anti-hero that is filled to the brim with shades of grey. Her heroic confrontation with Zod was well done, though it ended tragically. Hopefully she'll be back next season. You never know with what happened at the end of that scene..

Finally, there's the Justice League/Justice Society cameos. With the list of guest stars being released months prior, I was afraid they'd have less time for Clark. This was not the case. The characters were brought on in a way that was quick and utilized the practicality of their appearances given the situation. It was a pretty fun scene to watch with all of the characters in one place at once.

The best part of the episode, however, was the beginning teaser in the link below. Every Smallville fan's wet dream. Perry White is now the editor. Lois is a  hotshot reporter (sporting a wedding ring!). Jimmy Olse ( the real one) is a photography/coffee boy. Clark is wearing his glasses all the time. And best of all we get a quick glimpse of SUPERMAN!!! I honestly can't wait until season 10. At least there's still Comic Con...

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