Thursday, December 03, 2009

We Kill Monsters #3

Three issues into the series and I have not found anything that would make me want to stay on this title. The two protagonists, brothers Andy and Jake Basher, are two auto mechanics who own a garage in a small town. When said town is infected by monsters, the two brothers manage to kill one accidentally. The blood from the monster infects Jake's arm, giving him superhuman strength in his new "monster arm." When the father of Andy's former lover is captured by one of the monsters, the brothers team up with her to help find him.

Written by Christopher Leone with pencils by Brian Churilla, this independent comic is in the vein of the Supernatural television series. The only difference is that there appears to be no good quailities in these two characters. Andy is a stale one dimensional character who isn't happy with his situation in life. Jake is a simple minded brute who doesn't really think for himself. Then there are monsters.
I will give this series until the end of the first story arc. If it lasts that long. Hopefully they'll be able to turn it around. 

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