Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Archie #603

In in the alternate universe that takes place in "Archie Marries..." We get a glimpse into what would happen if Archie were to finally choose either Betty or Veronica. The first few issues of the storyline revolved around Archie marrying Veronica Lodge and inheriting the Lodge dynasty. With it, Archie is a stressed businessman who still retains his heart of gold. Even so much as to make salary cutbacks in order to hire his friend Reggie. (The newspaper Reggie worked at went under.) Betty has chosen a life on the other side of the country, and is unable to retain a boyfriend. Archie and Veronica have twins.

This issue starts the story of what would happen if Archie proposed to Betty Cooper. Fresh out of college, Archie finally chooses Betty. However, this time around, he has no goals, no job, and is making a lot of compromises. That's love for you.

I have been an avid fan of Archie since I was a kid, but really, the series hasn't been funny in a long time. It's actually been pretty REAL. Recession, layoffs, and unemployment has hit the town of Riverdale as with the rest of the world. Hopefully by the next issue the story will pick up somewhere happy. I've always been rooting for the Archie/Betty pair. Now if only Jughead would settle down...


Meghana said...

Peter at 1am yesterday-- "Oh Ethel, why can't Jughead finally see that you were made for each other!"

Pete said...

Have you noticed sometimes they make Ethel look pretty cute, but sometimes hey make her look fugley as hell? What's up with that? Girl sure knows how to cook though.