Sunday, December 13, 2009

Murderer #1

The premise revolves around a twenty-something man named Jason. Jason has a superpower in which he can hear the thoughts of others. However, he is unable to control his power. He can't even turn it off. The only relief Jason gets is when he kills someone. Only then will his ability to hear thoughts shut itself off for a few hours. Though it is a terrible burden, Jason uses this power to catch evil men. He goes out each day screening the people that pass him by, until he finds irredeemable individuals. Then he murders them.

The title of this book is what caught my eye. Then the cover. Then I was drawn to the story. This is something I have never seen done before, and it's a bit refreshing to get away from superhero stories every once in a while. For a murderer, Jason is a very sympathetic character with many redeeming qualities. He only goes after truly evil people. Since his power to read thoughts lets him know everything, he even goes out of his way to help people down on their luck. This book is one of the four Pilot Season books. Hopefully it will be here to stay.

You might want to check this out Tony.


Teko said...

I like that jacket.

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