Friday, February 24, 2006

Thursday Night Boredom

Last night was pretty fun. Took Meghana home and did homework and slept till 5. Picked up Nanae around 9 to go hang out. We couldn't figure out what to do so we drove around Diamond Bar and wound up at Meghana's house. Meghana was having a Physics get together so she couldn't really go out. Wasn't a total loss though, Priscilla and them showed us a pretty intense Vietnamese Gangsta Rap. Yup, Vietnamese Gangsta Rap. Me and Nanae left after that and drove up and down Colima for about an hour. We couldn't decide what to do. We end up going back to Meghana's again after everyone left. Hung out there for about 30mins (and this is about 11 already) and decided to sneak back into my house to get a movie to watch. They picked Wedding Crashers and we took it back to Meghana's to watch (this is the fourth time there that day for me). We were all watching half asleep when Will called and asked me if I could call in Attendence as his mom to excuse his absence. So I called after the movie (this is around 2am and my 'A' game wasn't really there) turns out Will got a SWAP cuz they didn't think I was his mother. Sorry man. Took Nanae home afterwards and I got home around 3am. Fun Night. Thanks guys. Also, check out this cool new costume for the new Spiderman 3!


meghana said...

LOL you forgot to mention how at 2am u hung up my fone twice after calling the school, so it called back and woke up my mom =P and that costume is so cool O__O; whens spiderman3 coming out?

nanae said...

meghana- hahaha that's what the phonecall was?

thanks for killing boredom peter =P

Peter said...

yeah...sorry meghana, i tend to hang up phones so quick that they call back. hope u didn't get in trouble

:-D Thanks for coming guys