Friday, February 10, 2006

Just Another Update


Didn't do much today. Stayed for Jessica's worship for a few mins and took Meghana home afterwards. Got like two hours of sleep and went to Rick's house at 3. We played ball for a while and Alun and some church people stopped by real quick and left. Rick owned me with a rake and I was too scared to try and dunk with him guarding with that thing. Watched TV for a few hours and I took Rick to WaL-mART. Got the John Legend CD and took him to UCC. After careful timing, I discovered I can drive from UCC to Eric's house in 15 mins. Freakin Sweet. Saw Eric for about 15 mins and I left for home. Found this cool new promo for X-men: The Last Stand (above)

1 comment:

Aimx54 said...

Dude....nice find on that X-men poster man. Looks sweet.