Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sister's Birthday

Sister's sweet 16. Was ok. Would have been more fun if I was allowed to invite more friends. The party sucked mostly because of all the band kids. But whatever. It was really fun after we ditched and went to Hang Out. Had a blast. Though thanks to Jason and Meghana, we probably won't be able to come back again. That's too bad too. The Brick Toast was to die for. Came back and watched Waiting. Thanks for coming guys. I owe you. 

Meghana and Jason


Me, Jason, and Nanae

Jason trying to cut his "Brick Toast" Bwahhaha

Me telling a Sukling story. Ask me sometime. I got LOADS.

Nanae and Meghana.

Nanae drinking tea? Or is that coffee?

Nanae and Andrew

Jason impatiently waiting to go to the bathroom

Jason and Richard. Same ties.

Nane and Meghana. Reserved.

Me. Sister in the bacground.

Jason, Nanae, Meghana

Young. Camera shy.


jason said...

dang marshall dude, made me laugh the entire night

Nanae said...

hahaha, the party was awesome =] thanks peter!

meghana said...

the party was pretty awesome, especially after i changed out of that dress =P thanks for the fun night peter/nanae/jason/marshall/all the other seniors!