Sunday, March 12, 2006

Church Retreat

Hey guys. So Friday afternoon I packed all my junk and headed to St. Christopher's afterschool for a 3-day retreat. I had alot of fun with my roomates Alex, Andy, and Binh. You're awesome guys!! See you tomorrow in Calc Andy. Here are some highlights.

- I got more in touch with God and my faith.
- I witnessed a man strip naked in church. Last thing I'd expect to see. (They had to carry him out)

- 2AM raids.

- Phi and Long owning the other Catholic school kids.
- I got to confess my biggest sin. Now I feel a great weight has been lifted from me. - I met the white Meghana Reddy. =P
- Prayed alot, hung out with friends alot, met alot of new people (Luis, Saylia, and Diem :-D)

- The bum CJ that woke up the whole camp at 5AM to challenge people to a pushup contest caught
Laryngitis (Praise God!!)
- It was COLD. Hoth cold. - Lots of inspriational speeches. (Phi, Paul, Arjay, Luis, Andrew, Shawn, Annie)
- I hugged like 50 girls there. :-D

- Fell asleep during an abstinence speech, so when the speaker asked everyone who believed in abstinence to stand up, I was the only one sitting. =P
- Frogs kept me up at night.
- Vu's snoring kept me up at night.

- Toan's squeaky bed kept me up at night.

- Andy, Binh, Toan, Vu, and I were the only cabin in the camp without a chaperone.
- SNOW!!!
- Games and other fun stuff


Meghana said...

hahaha no way that white girl could match up to my... unique personality =D glad you had fun at your retreat!

Jessica said...

glad you had such a good time :D