Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ultimate Comics Spiderman #8

This was fun. For the last seven issues, we've had to go through love triangles and teenage angst. This issue was just the guys. Rick Jones, a young boy who woke up from a coma and was given superpowers is scared and confused. Enter: Spider-man, The Human Torch, and Iceman. The three young heroes try to help Jones come to terms with his abilities. They discover that Jones is the aforementioned "Savior" that the Watcher had mentioned way back in Ultimate Fantastic Four. The boys head out to the base where they last saw the Watcher, only to discover members of the Serpent Society (or BAD Girls, Inc. I can't even differentiate anymore...). The group quickly, and comically take down the villains. In the end, Rick takes on the alias of Nova and leaves to discover himself. 

Brian Michael Bendis plays to his strength of dialogue throughout this issue. It was funny, enticing, and references things that was previously established in the Ultimate Universe. The art is still a bit too anime for my taste, but it's been growing on me. I'll give it a chance. 5/5 Stars!

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