Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Archie and Friends #140


Jughead Jones is hands down my favorite Archie Comics character. He loves food, he's quick-witted, and he's an all around nice guy. The story in Archie and Friends #140 takes place in the present. The gang is enjoying a lunch at Pop Tates. At the mention of the menu's new "Montana Burger," Jughead goes silent. The gang then remembers that for a few brief months at the beginning of Freshman Year, Jughead had moved to Montana because of his dad's work. In a new place where the kids find his admirable quirks to be a bit strange, he meets a girl named Sadie. Sadie finds Jug to be charming and fascinating. The only problem is that her best friend Randy is jealous, as he had been in love with her since the first grade. Although Jughead is oblivious to the Sadie at first, she begins to grow on him. Much to his surprise, Jughead begins to fall for Sadie. The story reaches it's climax when the Jughead and Randy engage in a pie-eating contest for Sadie's heart. Although Jughead has the competition in the bag, a bear shows up. Randy bravely helps Jughead to safety. In the end, Sadie chooses Randy. Jughead's father, seeing how his family misses Riverdale throughout the story, is able to find a better job back home. In the end, the Jones' move back to Riverdale. The story concludes with Jughead dismissing the story and keeping his friends in the dark about the months he was gone.

Damn this was depressing. Don't get me wrong, in the movies it's always great when the best friend of the girl ends up with her at the end, but this time I was rooting for Jughead. Though the story was sappy and predictable, it was nice to see Jughead find love for once. Sure he has characters like Ethel and Trula Twist that makes his life more complicated, but it was nice for once to see him reciprocate his feelings. It really broke character to even see him fight for her affection. The one aspect I enjoyed most from this story was that it was set at the very beginning of freshman year. Sadie leaving him was probably something the writer's could accredit towards Jughead's lack of interest towards the opposite sex. Interesting. In the end, Jughead was portrayed as the tragic hero. He keeps his story to himself as he fondly remembers his time with Sadie.


Teko said...

Can't remember reading much Archie, though I'm sure from its popularity, it's worth reading.

Anonymous said...

I faintly remember having a crush on jughead when I was 12 hahaha

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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