Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blackest Night #8

When we last left off, Sinestro had merged with the Entity of light and became the White Lantern. In this issue (HUGE SPOILERS by the way) Sinestro fights Nekron and appears to beat him, until Nekron reveals that he cannot be beaten. As the forces on Earth struggle, the seven allied Corps arrive to back them up. Nekron succeeds in splitting Sinestro from the Entity and thousands of Lanterns of all the colors of the spectrum engage Nekron. That's when Deadman informs Hal Jordan that it's not Nekron that they Corps must focus on but rather Black Hand, Nekron's conduit to the land of the living. Hal merges with the Entity and divides it's power among all the heroes possessed by Black Lantern rings. They form the White Lantern Corps. The corps succeed in bringing Black Hand back to life, weakening Nekron greatly. The Entity, however, does not stop there. It brings the Anti-Monitor back to life. The Entity defeats Nekron. Upon doing so, it brings back many dead heroes and villains. The story ends with the dead welcomed back, Green Lantern and Flash deducing Batman was never really dead to begin with, and now there is a White Lantern Power Battery somewhere on Earth.

I admit, it was really cool to see all the heroes from my youth brought back. Some even in their original costumes. My guess is the upcoming Brightest Day series will explore how they acclimate into the world they left behind; the last few pages of this issue gives us a taste of that.

Not bad Mr. Johns.

After a long storyline, the Blackest Night arc has come to an end. Significantly better than Final Crisis, there was still something lacking for me from this series. Don't get me wrong, it was and amazing story of epic proportions. But it wasn't Geoff Johns epic. I think the man may finally be spreading himself too thin. Other than that little complaint, it was a pretty solid tale. Ivan Reis art was phenomenal. The amount of detail and emotion he put into this entire series was unbelievable. Props to giving Aquaman and Martian Manhunter their old costumes again (with slight revisions). I couldn't stand the look the new Aquaman had and the look Martian Manhunter adopted when he wanted to be more Martian-like. Even Jade looked good!

So here is a look at the dead brought back to life. (Left to Right)
  • Maxwell Lord 
  • The Reverse Flash
  • Hawk
  • Jade
  • Captain Boomerang I
  • Firestorm I
  • Martian Manhunter
  • Aquaman
  • Hawkman & Hawkwoman
  • Deadman (now alive!)
  • Osiris
This should be fun. Great story guys! 9/10

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