Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Jesus Christ: In the Name of the Gun #1

This book can be highly offensive to Christians and Catholics. And Lutherans. Possibly Mormons. But as a Catholic, I can't wait for the next issue! Sure it's sacrilegious, but it's a comic book. It's not true, it's merely to entertain.

Highlights (Spoilers)
  • Jesus is bored in Heaven. God has announced that he is returning to Heaven after centuries of absence and wants to see his Son. (God is portrayed as a ominous floating head that looks remarkably like Marlon Brando's Jor-El in the Superman movies)
  • Jesus makes it clear that the world is in a terrible way and wants to do something about it. God tells him "no" and leaves.
  • Disobeying his father, Jesus orchestrates a "Virgin Birth" this time in Russia 1910. He lives the 33 years on Earth waiting.
  • Jesus now heads for Berlin and begins to kill Nazis. He's planning on assassinating Hitler and preventing the Holocaust.
  • Before Jesus can take the killing shot however, another sniper kills Hitler. It is none other than Ernest Hemingway who is on "a safari through time hunting mass murderers."
  • The two team up and fight Nazi's before a tank knocks them both unconscious.
  • There is a side story at the end of the issue which tells the "Secret Origin" of Ernest Hemingway. After losing his wife, Hemingway is visited by a vision of Christ that gives him a mission and a time machine to go back in time to hunt history's villains.

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I'd read this.