Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Frank and Son Collectible Show

On the border of Rowland Heights and La Puente lies a hidden gem for comic book collectors. Though at first glance, it seems like any other warehouse in the area, Frank and Son is actually paradise for comic book enthusiasts.

What could one find at such a place? There are about one hundred stands that sell anything ranging from novelty T-shirts to Bobble heads. Some stands sell video games while others sell baseball cards. You could find movie posters and DVDs. Handful of stands sell collectible trading cards and role playing equipment.

Almost everything is at a discounted price. Finally the best part: Comic Books.

At Frank and Son, you can find almost any comic book you could imagine if you looked hard enough. Almost all of the stands have boxes and boxes of old comic books. Other stands sell more recent works that appeal to the younger generations.

One stand in particular is noteworthy. It is run by two gentlemen named Ray and Oscar (pictured here). Always friendly and willing to have a chat with a customer, they have formed lasting relationships with the people that by their comics over the last decade. Everything sold there is at retailer's price. You would be saving money buying from them than if you went to a comic shop or even a book store.

Frank and Sons even hosts occasional events which bring in famous celebrities in pop culture. One of the more prominent attendees was none other than father of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee. On weekends, they host trading card tournaments and occasionally even showcase wrestling matches.

Local venues also cater food to the warehouse as customers bring friends and family alike to enjoy the experience. Everyone is welcomed to enjoy and usually people will never leave empty handed.

The warehouse is located at 9649 San Jose Ave La Puente.

It is only open on:
Wednesday: 3pm-9pm
Saturday: 9am-5pm


hostile17 said...

I love that place!

Brigette said...

My friends and brother like that place so much! It was interesting to see a different scene for me. That's cool that you let people know since in the middle of a bunch of gray,dull factories!