Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Invincible #63

Invincible has won me over in the last year and is now in my top three comics to buy list. While the Invincible War storyline was a bit confusing (mainly because I didn't pick up the crossover books) I was still blown away by the story developments and the wonderful art. This issue once again delivers. There's a MAJOR SPOILER for fans of the series.

Highlights (SPOILERS)
  • Conquest and Invincible continue their battle for the planet.
  • Invincible is barely able to hurt Conquest as the older Viltrumite lays the smack down on poor Mark.
  • Mark's younger brother Oliver (AKA Omni-Boy) joins the fray but does little before he is taken down.
  • Eve, Mark's girlfriend and super heroine known as Atom Eve in her own right, wakes up from the coma she was put in during the Invincible War.
  • She sees Invincible getting killed on television and rushes in to help.
  • Conquest kills her. Brutally. It's pretty graphic.
  • Mark, now severely beaten and with a severed leg, mourns Eve's death.
  • The issue ends with Mark promising that no matter how superior Conquest is to him in everyway, he will die for killing Eve.


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