Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Irredeemable #8

The sh** has hit the fan for the Plutonian as Tony was in for a great surprise the last issue. My love for Mark Waid's writing has been renewed with this series. I haven't enjoyed a Waid story since I was reading his Flash run. (Though I admit, Birthright was pretty cool). Peter Krause's art reminds me alot of Jim Aparo's Batman that I used to read religiously as a young boy. It took me back. It was nice.

  • Charybdis reveals that he and his twin brother Scylla did not share powers, but rather, the powers were his all along and he allowed his brother to leech off of him. 
  • Charybdis appears to be much more powerful than the Plutonian now that his brother is dead and the powers are his alone. 
  • The team meets catches up to the battle to see their comrade actually winning.
  • It is revealed that the reason the Plutonian went insane, wasn't just because of the Jacksonville Plague, but rather that he lost the trust of his faithful sidekick Samsara for lying about it.
  • The Plutonian flies off to lick his wounds, leaving the rest of the team uneasy with a cocky (and possibly dangerous) new Charybdis assuming command.

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