Thursday, November 12, 2009

Green Lantern Corps #42

The Green Lantern Corps are in the heat of battle against the Black Lanterns. With the dead rising, ghosts of the past haunt the Lantern officers. Among them are the deceased Lanterns from the catacombs on Oa. Kilowog faces all the rookies who have died under his watch. Kyle and Soranik battle Black Lantern Jade.

I hope Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason stick to the GL Corps title for as long as I can. I never really enjoyed Green Lantern Corps as a series until they revived it. Tomasi really focuses on the space police aspect of the characters. Patrick Gleason's art is always amazing. He provides so much detail into his art that it is surpsing he is able to produce an issue on time every month.

- Kyle and Guy release Red Lantern Vice from the science cells to help battle the Black Lanterns
- Alpha Lantern Chaselon kills Vice, but is immediately piced apart by the Black Lanterns.
- The battery inside Chaselon is about to detonate causing a tremendous explosion.
- Kyle flies the battery off to safelty detonate about OA taking out hordes of Black Lanterns and sacrificing his life.
- Kyle's ring flies off in search of a replacement.


Teko said...

Yay! Finally a post with more than 10 words! Too bad I dun really care bout it. MOAR WWBN!

Pete said...

Thank you fan.