Saturday, March 14, 2009

Obama vs. Osama

Newly elected President Barack Obama has been making his rounds on the covers of popular comic books for the last few months now. Appearing on the cover to Youngbloods and Amazing Spiderman, President Obama is set to grace the cover of Savage Dragon #145. A few months back, Image produced an issue of Savage Dragon (#137), in which the hero endorsed Obama for President. Now Obama once again graces the cover of the series, this time paying homage to an older version of a Captain America comic. On the cover of Savage Dragon #145, President Obama is depicted punching terrorist Osama bin Landen in the face. This variant cover is exepected to sell up to $100 a pop and made its debut at the San Fransico Wonder Con, which lasted from February 27-March 1. The issue is currently selling for over $150 on eBay. 

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