Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Am Batman

The battle for the cowl begins as the first issue of Batman: Battle for the Cowl hit stores yesterday. The series takes place after the crossover events Batman: RIP and Final Crisis.
With Batman missing and presumed dead, Gotham City's criminal population is in an all out war for the city and everything is in chaos. Allies of the Dark Knight are working around the clock to maintain order and balance, yet things have never been this bad. The city needs a Batman even if it takes one of his allies to fill the role. To make matters worse, a new vigilante has entered the fray. This masked mystery man is highly trained and lethal. He claims "I am Batman." 

The focal points of the series are Batman's two proteges: Nightwing and Robin. The latter of the two insists that the city needs a Batman, even if it isn't Bruce Wayne. While the former
 has trouble accepting that someone has to replace his mentor. The story explores the fraternal relationship of the two young men, as well as focuses on the criminal elements in the city. There are appearances from many characters in the DC Comics universe, both heroes and villains alike. Tony Daniel, who helms the story and the pencils, delivers a captivating story along with breathtaking art. Look for Batman: Battle for the Cowl #2 in stores April 8, 2009!

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Teko said...

So does this mean there are no more comics starring Bruce Wayne as batman?