Monday, April 12, 2010

Invincible Returns #1

With promotional images from the upcoming Vilrumite War appearing more frequently, this one-shot helps the reader catch up with all that is happening in the Invincible universe. Within the last year, Mark Grayson has undergone the Invincible War, Conquest, and even the "death" of his girlfriend. Needless to say, Mark has crossed a few lines since. With the people he loves in constant danger, Mark has now made an effort to stop them by any means necessary. Even if it means to kill. With his friends and family questioning Invincible's morality, Mark begins to question himself as well.

The issue focuses on Mark reestablishing his relationships with those in his life. Ultimately he makes the choice that he should have never crossed that line. With his old resolves reaffirmed, Mark sheds his black and blue costume and dons his original blue and yellow costume. Just in time for his father to show up with Allen the Alien to prepare him for war.

When I first read the synopsis for this issue, I just figured it would be a way for readers to catch up with the Invincible time line without learning anything new. Sort of like a clip show. Man, was I wrong. This issue was able to bring the readers up to speed in a subtle way, and at the same time give us a completely new, and amazing, story. I really didn't like where the writers were taking the Invincible character. It's good to see it was all a part of the story. When he first put on his new costume, I was a bit on the fence about it. After a while it grew on me. Though I'll miss it, it was really great to see him in his true colors. Old costume, old Mark. Invincible #71 comes out next month, but this issue is an essential read for fans.

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