Friday, December 16, 2005

Tired as hell

This last week has been so freaking tiring it's unbelieveable.
Monday my dad was out of town so I went out for a few hours. Took Meghana to Best Buy for her Family Guy Vol. 3.

Tuesday I had to cram for the stupid APES test (which I bombed) and the stupid LIT presentation (which I bombed).

Wednesday I took Aaron with me to Frank and Sons afterschool and pick up some comics. (Green Arrow, Firestorm, Teen Titans, Secret War, and Nightwing). After that I got home and worked a little on my poster board for Econ. Aaron picked me up around 9 for King Kong (freaking awesome) and I didnt' get home until 2am. I finished my board and went to bed around 4.

Thursday I donated blood so when I got home I just crashed for 9 hours, woke up around 11pm to work on my LIT essay and then went back to sleep.

Friday I went to Aarons and watched Madagascar. He fed me and I went home to sleep. When I woke up I check my emails and found out I got into Cal Poly Pomona (Back up college). Hurray!! Got some Coldstone's with Mike and Andy. Katillian BITCH!!!